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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mix Tape Madness

As the days grow closer to my wedding anniversary, my husband is asking what present do I want? This question turned my thinking to one of the best presents I received from him.
We had met over 20 years ago and on one of our first dates, he asked me how my parents came up with my name?. This question had a "getting to know you" feel to it. He had mentioned he was named after his father's friend, a fellow Marine who had died in combat. I sheepishly shared that my name wasn't as poignant as his history behind his name. My parents had come from a long standing tradition of naming the young after relatives.  When I was born, they may have wanted to make a change, because I was named after a song they liked. He had never heard of a song that was named Diane, so I sang (read warbled) a few of the lyrics.
A few dates later, he surprised me with a mix tape, a cassette tape with recorded songs.  (In those days, there was no Pandora on your phone, you had to buy the album or cassette tape. Otherwise, if you wanted to hear a favorite song, you had to either hope the radio station would play it or call into the radio station and request it. ) He said the songs on the cassette reminded him of me. (Awww!!) We were in my car, and I popped in the tape, curious to hear what songs he had chosen.
The first song that floated through the speakers was the original "Diane" by the Bachelors. I asked him how he was able to find this song, since it wasn't modern and a bit on the obscure side. He shared that he had called the "oldies" station The Jewel a couple of times. The first time he called, the DJ told him he had never heard of it. My then boyfriend, risking his own dignity, sang the lyrics in an attempt to jog the DJ's memory. After the performance, the DJ said would had to go to the archives, so call back later. When he did called later that evening, they could retrieve it and he was able to record it on the cassette tape. I said he didn't have to go through all of that trouble, to which he replied he didn't mind at all, it was for me.
To this day, I still have the mix tape and will never part with it. To me, it's still remains a romantic and thoughtful present.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

One answer to the question

One of my favorite things to do is watch CBS's Sunday Morning. I wake up before everyone else, brew my coffee and sit down to watch inspiring and uplifting stories. Sure, the program does begin with around the world headlines. However, I'm in the kitchen brewing my coffee, so I miss the latest depressing updates.
A  few months back, I was watching a story was about the singer Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees. He still had the lion's mane of hair, but now it were of a snowy white color.
The interviewer set up the scene with the announcement that he was the last surviving member of the Bee Gees and was embarking on his first solo tour. Yikes!
Throughout the show, clips of his brothers were shown. There they were, young and handsome, performing their famous songs or still shots: scenes of Andy with his guitar, The Bee Gees (Barry, Maurice and Robin) the screen in black and white performing  as youths. Then, it switched to color as "You Should be Dancing" was performed. Ah, the Disco Era, that's how I remember them!
Towards the end of the interview, Mr Gibb said,  "I don't know why I'm the only one left?"
That query was very poignant to me. I recalled seeing the news reports of all of their demises, but these incidences were years apart. Now, the severity of the fact that  he had lost ALL of his brothers saddened me.
Hey, Sunday Morning! Couldn't you have waited until Monday morning to bum me out?!
Then I reminded myself that there were some major points of the interview to consider. For instance, his wife of over 30 years had urged him to go back to the studio and keep the music alive (you know us wives, constantly pushing, good for her!!) He was still performing music, now his son and niece were in the group. I was touched by this and felt through the music, all parties were healing and coming to acceptance.
That's what I enjoy about this show: it can take a serious topic and flip it around so the positive side is realized.
Oh, Sunday Morning, you never let me down!