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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Snail mail revival

A couple of months ago, my bonus son asked us when the mail usually arrived. My husband told him it usually comes in the early afternoon.  I found this inquiry different, since he had never shown interest in the mail delivery schedule.  He then informed he had ordered a Loot Crate. Each day, he waited patiently for the mail. When a box wasn’t delivered, he looked dejected. 
I had no idea what a Loot Crate was-- it sounded like something Long John Silver from Treasure Island would speak about in low tones and a pirate accent.
 Finally, his "loot" arrived and it contained a T-Shirt, figurine, and other fun items with a theme. I asked my bonus son what exactly is a Loot Crate and he directed me to their website. As I navigated through the site, I began to understand its appeal. Each month, they have a different theme, such as horror for October. When a person orders a box, they are in for a surprise when it arrives. 
It’s been something I know I have nagged my kids about to learn patience. Sometime I feel this younger generation is too exposed instant gratification. Before I start reminiscing about the good old days, it’s nice to see that companies like Loot Crate have given a new appreciation for anticipation and “snail mail”!
I am also pleasantly surprised that there are a variety of companies that cater to people’s monthly expectation.  There is Try the World,  company that sends its subscribers a variety of food from a different country each month.  My all time favorite Fruit of the Month Club  appears to be still thriving.
Another pastime that is having a modern upgrade is radio shows. Back in the 1920's,  there were serial radio shows, such has Little Orphan Annie  and The Shadow.  People would gather around their radios to listen to the next adventures. Now, the modern equivalent is podcasts, which offers an enormous variety of choices, from comedy, news, interviews and even a show called Serial.

There is a song by Peter Allen called “Everything Old is New Again.” I never quite understood its sentiments, but after making these observations, I am able to make some sense of these passages.

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