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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Thoughts on HitchBOT

In the past few weeks in the news there has been the saga of HitchBOT. It started as a social experiment to see how many people would pick up the hitchhiking portable robot and take it across the country. HitchBOT was a passenger all across Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands.
The two professors and creators of HitchBOT decided to drop it off in Boston, MA and see how far it could go, its destination communicated through its screen was San Francisco, CA.
Unfortunately, HitchBOT was not allowed to record the image of the Golden Gate Bridge. After two weeks, it made it to Philadelphia PA where it was torn apart and left in pieces on the street.  
However, the story does not end there. A group of inventors named The Hacktory from Philadelphia saw this news story and did not want the conclusion to be that people only want to destroy things. They reached out to the Canadian inventors and offered to help repair HitchBOT. 
 Another item that has come about is PopeBot, built by a Philadelphia local station 93.3 WWMR. This robot is also dependent on people to take it on a journey and these images are posted to social media

This turn of events is a good lesson for your family. Though the negative events such as the demolition of HitchBOT is disheartening, sometimes taking positive action can help out change the course. 

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