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Saturday, September 13, 2014

What memory is in your favorite song?

From the moment I heard the song "Where is the Love?", it became my instant favorite. I was immediately drawn to the different styles of singing--Robert Flack's  smokey vocals paired well with Donny Hathaway's smooth baritone.
Throughout the years, I have never grown tired of this song. The singers' voices had a bouncy and cascading quality to them. The instruments play effortlessly in perfect time with a steady, airy beat.
I often wondered why this particular song changes my demeanor--I cannot be in a bad mood whenever I hear it! Though the song is about a love triangle, an entirely different association is in my mind.
A childhood memory is conjured up: when I was a little girl, we would go to a grocery store when we lived in California. After the shopping was done, we would walk to the side of the building. There was a wind tunnel that was created by the way the neighboring building was positioned. As I put this song as the soundtrack to this memory, it fits perfectly: colorful scraps of paper caught up in this mini cyclone and I see myself as a 5 year old running around, giggling and chasing the floating, wayward items.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Robin Williams

A few days ago, as I listened to my Pandora's Comedy channel a routine by Robin Williams was aired. I smile sadly as I hear his manic and rapid fire delivery. In my opinion,  his ideas were bursting at the seams and he was always in a race to deliver his funny but true insights.
I remember watching him first on Mork and Mindy and somehow my young mind knew the small screen couldn't contain this whirlwind of a comedian. I count many of his movies as favorites and fascinated by his range--he could be expectantly funny as in Mrs. Doubtfire and The Birdcage, then change the tone to serious at whiplash speed such as with Insomnia and The Final Cut.
One of his movies that stuck with me is What Dreams May Come. It was not a box office hit, maybe due to its somber subject of death--after all 3 of the main characters die in rapid succession. However, I realized that the Afterlife is what the story is all about. How can you possibly arrive at the main plot without a smattering of death? One of the ideas that I took away from the movie was all of the different Heavens, tailor made for the person--living in your favorite painting, exploring you "world" with a favorite but deceased pet that was now full of life.
Since I never knew Mr Williams personally, I can only relate to him through his movies and news stories. I sincerely hope that he found his Heaven.