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Sunday, January 25, 2015

What’s your top ten?

Lately, I have been watching many top ten lists on You Tube.  It started with viewing  with my teenage son.  We shout out what we think should be number one best video game or worst villain. He has been inspired since then to create his own countdowns.
I have also stumbled across Matthew Santoro’s channel  and his show has also been added as a favorite.  
Back in my day, top 10 lists were relegated to the David Letterman Show.  Now, I can watch as many top 10 lists as I please.  Yea, technology!!
Taking a queue from my son, below is my countdown to my top 10 reasons why I watch Top 10 Lists:
10. The facts are listed in short tidbits that you don’t feel overwhelmed and able to retain the information.   For instance, I learned that we share a considerable amount of our DNA with bananas. Therefore, I have concluded it’s not a big insult to call someone a “banana”. 
9. Goodness knows I have turned on YouTube during a weekend afternoon and before I know it, it’s dark outside.  However, I feel like I’m learning something and not just wasting my time.
8. The bite-sized facts can lend to topics of conversation. A unique opening line, “Do you know where in the world is a lake looks like it’s been painted?”  Answer : click here to find out. 
7. I learn new vocabulary words. The latest definition I have learned is “creepypasta”. It’s a tale akin to a spooky campfire story. When I first heard this term, I imagined the Halloween feel box game where you use cold spaghetti as worms. 
6. Reiterates that opinions count.  It’s okay for me to disagree with their number one picks. It’s interesting to hear the reasoning behind their choice.
5.  Feeling jazzed when I agree with their number one picks.
4. Listing information in a quantifying way is very organized and enjoyable to view.
3. I feel smart when I’m able to list off before the narrator on topics. Recently, I able to say “I knew that Charles Dickens loved cats!” when watching Mental Floss’ Cat facts
2. If I’m feeling ambitious, I can always advance to List 25 for more information.

1. My number one reason why I watch top 10 lists is it’s a great way to bond with my teenager and earn cool Mom points. Now, who doesn't want that?

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Traffic Sing Along

Who doesn't enjoy singing along to the radio while driving? I know I sure do!  Plus, I’m not the only one that substitutes their car interior for a sound studio. I’ll give you a couple of examples.
One day, I was listening to Ke$ha’s TiK ToK in my car and humming along. Then I happened to glance at the car sitting next to me at the stop light. There were young women in the car and it appeared that they were singing. As the song blared from my speakers, I could see that the lyrics were in sync with the girls’ singing. I was thrilled. It took all my strength not to roll down the window and yell to them “Hey, I’m listening to the same song! Aren't I hip?!”  It was probably good that I didn't shout that out loud!
Another time as I was driving, I stopped at a red light. I was behind a young man who was sitting behind the wheel. I noticed him furtively look to his left and to his right. I didn't really notice him until he started swiveling his head. Now I was curious to why he was looking about so early in the morning. When he saw the coast was clear, he made a fist and started belting out what looked like a rock song into his hand microphone.  I had to smile as I watched him singing his heart out in his private concert.

What is it about our car that we find ourselves singing along to the radio? Or maybe it’s the traffic light that prompts us to perform? That’s my take on this matter—as we sit at the red light, we become more aware of the song on the radio and it’s ready, set, sing! 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

We all need some applause

A comedienne that has become one of my fast favorites is Kathleen Madigan.   I laugh out loud as she retells hilarious stories about her family. She also has a quick wit about her that she is able to summarize events and glean either the sheer absurdity or simple genius.
One example is in her stand up routine, she relates a news story about Mike Tyson.  Apparently, he paid someone nicknamed Crocodile to be a personal motivator.  In her routine, Ms Madigan jokes she would love to have someone named “Alligator” tell her after her show she was a very funny lady.
I started to think it would be nice to have a personal cheerleader, someone who would lift our spirits when we had a bad day. It also reminded me of an episode of Designing Women when someone invented a standing ovation box.
Funny enough, life has imitated art, because now there actually is a box of applause.  
With the New Year, resolutions and changes are customary. Wouldn't it be great if for New Year’s we all decided that we would be our own cheerleaders? That our thoughts would gravitate to positive when we needed that the most?