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Sunday, January 29, 2012

As soon as the snow melts

Last week my son was so upset with the local meteorologists. They had foretold that a couple of weeks ago there could possibly be a snow storm that would mean schools would be closed in the Treasure Valley.
The snow storm did arrive on Wednesday morning, but the timing was off. They had predicted the snow would arrive extremely early morning. Even though it was “storming chainsaws” (my son’s creative description of the 5 inches of snow that piled up in a matter of a couple of hours) a snow day wasn’t declared since it didn’t start until AFTER the kids were in school.
When he came home that day, he asked quite indignantly why bother listening to the weather reports?
 I rarely watched the weather reports until we moved to Idaho. When we lived in Las Vegas, it was either hot or cold. We only changed our windshield wipers when the sun dried them out to shreds.
Here in Idaho, there is actual change in seasons. To be prepared, I started watching the weather reports religiously.  Granted, the majority of the time the meteorologists are pretty accurate and I can plan my driving and wardrobe accordingly.
Unfortunately, the answer I could give him wasn’t clear-cut. Watching the weather reports gives us an idea of what to expect, but weather cannot be 100% predictable. Weather doesn’t watch the clock and perform on schedule.  The one saving grace I offered him was snow does have a tendency not to stick around long. In a couple of days, it’s all melted away.
As expected, he didn’t buy this circular answer, so I finished up with some tidy, motherly advice—perhaps he needs to think of being a meteorologist when he grows up! 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Negative energy in pages

Have you read a book that affected you?
I remember a few years back a co-worker had this glossy book at her desk. I looked at its cover, which I found curious. It depicted a calming beach scene with a shark fin prominently in the ocean distance. The novelty of this book was it contained sayings that at first appear positive, for instance “If at first you don’t succeed…” and end it with negative words “…don’t waste your energy trying again.”
As I flipped through the pages, I found the sayings amusing, clever and stinging. She let me borrow it so I could read it cover to cover. When I took it home and read a few pages, I began to feel an emotionally heaviness fall upon me.
Generally speaking, I see myself as an optimist—I try not to let too many things get me down. However,  after reading a few pages of this book, a dark cloud of depression loomed over me. I decided to quit reading the book—it wasn’t like I was under any obligation to finish it!
The very next day, I gladly gave the book back to her. As I handed it to her, a relief washed over me. I couldn’t believe someone would want to own a book like that. Then it struck me—she had the tendency to be a very negative person. Biting commentaries were her style. Of course this book was right up her alley!
I had the real life experience of negative energy through words, just like the water expressions experiments of Dr. Masaru Emoto. I knew of power of positive thinking, but never experienced the opposite side until reading that book.
 If I'm ever curious about this book again, I will be sure to only read one saying a day, followed up with a good heaping of chapters from Chicken Soup for the Soul!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

What I did New Year's

A couple of weeks ago, I threw my back out. The sad part is, I wasn't doing something very strenuous. It happened when I was putting my socks on. To put this in perspective and save myself embarrassment,  I’ve always had lower back troubles my adult life. A few years ago, I decided to do something about it, and I went into physical therapy. I was given therapeutic exercises to strengthen my core. For a while, I was religious about taking a few minutes a day to perform them. Silly me, I forgot the reason I was feeling so good was completely due to these daily exercises!  Then, over the holidays, my body rebelled and my back locked up, painfully reminding me what I did wrong. 
It’s terrible when your body won’t respond and in constant pain. These past two weeks, I’ve had to completely modify my usual routine in order to heal. Even a simple task like getting a glass of water was a torturous ordeal.
It’s times like these when you really appreciate your family. My husband was terrific—he took over my domestic chores without a fuss. Also my son pitched in and was very concerned about me. When I would slightly adjust my position on the couch and groan in pain, he would cry out “For the love of God, Mom, don’t move!”
I am so happy to report I am back on my feet again.  However, I won’t make the same mistake twice.   I’m listening to my body and carving out time to exercise, a simple, but powerful solution. It looks like perfect timing-- I now have a New Year’s resolution custom made.